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En Mon, 18 Aug 2008 09:05:30 -0300, Adrian Smith <adrian_p_smith at> escribió:

> On Aug 18, 7:16 pm, Amie <sthembileng... at> wrote:
>> Afternoon all.
>> Just want to know how to create html tables using a for loop.
>> I need to display 34 html tables, so I figured a for loop will do.
>> Please show me an example of how to do that.
> for i in range(33):
>     print "<table border>"
>     for j in range(numberofrows-1):
>         print "<tr><td>stuff</td><td>stuff</td><td>stuff</td></tr>"
>     print "</table>"
> Or something like that. You could have for loops for the individual
> rows, too.

This can be done, but easily becomes unmaintainable.
I'd use a template engine - or at least a library for generating HTML. See this recent thread:

Gabriel Genellina

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