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>> >One great open source GUI package that you left out is GTK ie. pygtk.
>> >i cant compare it with wx as i have never used it but isay its much
>> >better than QT.
>> >Anyway for ur q if u want to compair qt n wx. QT should be faster coz
>> >it has a better documentation.
>> Holy moly, did you send this from your cell phone?
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> Thanks much to all the replies. At this point I believe I'm going to
> start with wx and go from there. I probably will build a small test
> app or two and try the various packages. It doesn't sound like the
> APIs are going to be too tough to grasp. And yes, I've about 10 years
> work in Windows using an event-driven model (LabWindows).
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Make sure to subscribe to the wxPython list the people there have
helped me immensely in the past.

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