Parsing of a file

Tommy Grav tgrav at
Wed Aug 6 20:55:12 CEST 2008

I have a file with the format

Field f29227: Ra=20:23:46.54 Dec=+67:30:00.0 MJD=53370.06797690 Frames  
5 Set 1
Field f31448: Ra=20:24:58.13 Dec=+79:39:43.9 MJD=53370.06811620 Frames  
5 Set 2
Field f31226: Ra=20:24:45.50 Dec=+78:26:45.2 MJD=53370.06823860 Frames  
5 Set 3
Field f31004: Ra=20:25:05.28 Dec=+77:13:46.9 MJD=53370.06836020 Frames  
5 Set 4
Field f30782: Ra=20:25:51.94 Dec=+76:00:48.6 MJD=53370.06848210 Frames  
5 Set 5
Field f30560: Ra=20:27:01.82 Dec=+74:47:50.3 MJD=53370.06860400 Frames  
5 Set 6
Field f30338: Ra=20:28:32.35 Dec=+73:34:52.0 MJD=53370.06872620 Frames  
5 Set 7
Field f30116: Ra=20:30:21.70 Dec=+72:21:53.6 MJD=53370.06884890 Frames  
5 Set 8
Field f29894: Ra=20:32:28.54 Dec=+71:08:55.0 MJD=53370.06897070 Frames  
5 Set 9
Field f29672: Ra=20:34:51.89 Dec=+69:55:56.6 MJD=53370.06909350 Frames  
5 Set 10

I would like to parse this file by extracting the field id, ra, dec  
and mjd for each line. It is
not, however, certain that the width of each value of the field id,  
ra, dec or mjd is the same
in each line. Is there a way to do this such that even if there was a  
line where Ra=****** and
MJD=******** was swapped it would be parsed correctly?


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