Are makepy-generated COM wrapper classes distributable?

gundlach gundlach at
Mon Aug 4 08:24:14 CEST 2008


I've just written a Python speech-recognition module (http://  It provides a clean and simple interface to
the Microsoft Speech SDK using COM wrapper classes generated by
PythonWin's MakePY utility.

Once this is a mature module, I'd like to make it as useful as
possible to the community, so I'd like to make installation as simple
as possible.  Currently, to get to work, you must first:

* install the Microsoft Speech SDK onto a Windows box, and
* possibly install PythonWin, and then
* run PythonWin's MakePY utility to generate modules into the gen_py

I'd like to remove the MakePY steps, so that as long as a user has run
the SDK installer, she can install the 'speech' package and be ready
to use it.  Can I somehow bundle the generated modules into my
setuptools package so that the wrappers are installed at the same
time?  (If so, how -- just copy them into the package directory?)  Or
are the wrappers targeted to my machine or installation, so that
everyone is forced to go through this?

Thanks for any pointers,

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