Equivalents of Ruby's "!" methods?

Paul McGuire ptmcg at austin.rr.com
Mon Aug 25 15:21:09 CEST 2008

On Aug 25, 7:52 am, "Simon Mullis" <si... at mullis.co.uk> wrote:
> Consider the following hash:
> h = { "1" : "a\r", "2" : "b\n" }

In Python, this called a "dict".  "hash" sounds so... perlish.

> In order to strip the dict values in Python I (think) I can only do
> something like:
> for k,v in h.items:
>     h[k] = v.strip()
> While in Ruby - for the equivale dict/hash - I have the option of an
> in-place method:
> h.each_value { |v| val.strip! }
> Are there Python equivalents to the "!" methods in Ruby?
You have pretty much answered your own question.  "!" methods are not
specially named or annotated in Python, str.strip is the method that
corresponds to strip!.  It looks a little different since you left off
the ()'s in the Ruby example (as is your privilege and right in Ruby).

Pythonistically speaking, even though a dict is a mutable thing, I'm
learning that the accepted practice for methods like this is not so
much to update in place as it is to use generator expressions to
construct a new object.  For example, given a list of integers to 100,
instead of removing all of the even numbers (with the attendant
hassles of updating a list while iterating over it), just create a new
list of the numbers that are not even.

In your dict case, this would just be:

   h = dict( k,v.strip() for k,v in h.iteritems() )

Perhaps I am overgeneralizing from comments I have read here on c.l.py
about creating new lists instead updating old ones.  But in your loop,
you *will* end up doing a re-assignment of every value in the dict,
even if the original value had no whitespace to strip.

-- Paul

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