Formatting input text file

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save following code in, and run it as 'python <your-data-file>'
with your sample data this prints out following which is what you are looking for (i think)
3.08333 9.05526 3.13581
4.08322 4.02526 3.95891
import sys

data = []
row = []
fh = open(sys.argv[1])
for line in fh:
   line = line.strip()
   if not line or line.startswith('....'):
   if line.startswith('X'):
      if row:
         row = []
if row:

for  i in data:
   print ' '.join(i)

good luck.
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it's me again with tons of questions. I hava an input file structured
like this:

                  X               XYData-1

                1.                 3.08333
                2.                 9.05526
                3.                 3.13581

                  X               XYData-2

                1.                 4.08322
                2.                 4.02526
                3.                 3.95891

i want to format it so i only get the second column, in order to place
it in a mxn matrix. Let's say i want this:

number1   number2   number3
number4   number5   number6

i hope it is not too hard to do. Any help greatly apreciated. Thanks,


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