simple error i hope

suhail shaik suhailsqm at
Fri Aug 1 22:08:30 CEST 2008

hi ,

i am new to python..may be this may turn into a simple error but i am in
urgency please kindly help me

#Globals here
ROOTDIR = "/vol/mmis/media/video/tvid2008/mediaVideos/test" # Root dir where
video files are located
PNAME = "/data/test_1/"
#DAILY_UPLOAD_PATH = "/mmis-ss9952/newsroom/du-dev/"

import os,glob
### MAIN ###

for fileName in glob.glob('*.mpg'):
    print fileName
    file = fileName.split(".")
    print file
    textfile = file[0]+".txt"
    print textfile
    command = "java MPEG_Play "+ROOTDIR+"/"+filename+"
    print command

please tell me what is the error.
trace back is

TypeError: 'list' object is not callable
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