Project Question

ToshiBoy ToshiBoy at
Sun Aug 3 11:11:30 CEST 2008

I'm a newbie to Python... well a newbie to programming, really. I know
the basics and try to learn by setting myself simple tasks and goals
just to find out if I can work out a way to code the solutions. Works
for me. However, now I've set my eyes on a more ambitious project:

We sell office machines, and most of them need to be connected to a
network these days. I've got a routine setup for each model which
enters the most common information, eg. NetBIOS names, mailservers,
etc.The information is input through a webinterface as you have
probably seen on many other printers.

Currently, I'm using iMacro, an add-on to Firefox, which runs a macro
and enters all the info. It's great, but I would like to try and write
a program for this in Python. It needs to collect some user input at
the beginning, and then open the default web browser (or preferably
runs its own interface) and enter the information by identifying the
fields and inputting the text, and "saving" the info by "clicking"

Is there a web browser interface module in Python that would have
methods to do this kind of stuff?

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