ANN: P4D 1.2

Uwe Grauer unews at
Tue Aug 12 10:50:17 CEST 2008

Kay Schluehr wrote:
> P4D = E4X style embedded DSL for Python but without E and X.
> The main feature of P4D 1.2 are *Bytelets*. While the primary purpose
> of P4D 1.1 was the support textual data which can be considered as
> isomorphic to XML the new release is focussed on binary data. Bytelets
> are P4D objects that are assembled from hexcode which is reified as a
> Hex object. Bytelets can also be serialized as Hex objects which makes
> them apt for low level communication. Bytelets can be used to parse
> hexcode into other Bytelets of the same structure and Bytelets can be
> cloned like object prototypes which makes it easy to produce sequences
> of variations of one Bytelet ( usually you do not derive from a
> Bytelet but modify a prototype ).
> For more information see:

That's a really bad name for the project as there is P4D (Python for 
Delphi) already.
Maybe try to find a different naming to help distinguish your project 
from other meanings.


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