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Zach Hobesh hobesh at
Fri Aug 1 23:41:39 CEST 2008

I wrote a script that several different people on different machines need to
run on a regular basis.  When I first wrote it, it was in crisis mode, I got
something out that was quick and dirty, very bare bones.  Recently I had
some more time, so I pushed most of the functions that the script uses into
a module, because I use those functions on a pretty regular basis.

My problem is this:

The module is on MY machine in MY Python25 folder.  I like it there, because
like I said, I use the functions within it on a pretty regular basis.
However, the other people who need to run the original script don't have the
module.  My quick fix was to throw the module into the shared folder, which
works, but means everytime I have to update the module I have to update 2
different files, the one in my Python25 folder and the one in the shared
network folder.  Is there a better way to do this, short of asking everybody
else to put the module in thir Python 25 folder (which would mean me
e-mailing them to update the module, and then assuming that they did) ?!?


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