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> Rather than explain further, I suggest that you visit and read 
> some of the tutorial to see what *you* think.

My original programs were mostly in Basic.  When it became obvious that I 
needed a more powerful language I took a look at Python, Ruby, and a number 
of other languages.

To get started with this work I decided to go with Perl because it will do a 
lot of things and is highly flexible.  And, it got the job done.  But now 
that this application is up and running I am trying to collect opinions 
regarding what languages more serious programmers might want to use with 
future work for the application.  And for independent researchers, Python 
might be the one they would choose.  For government and university 
researchers who have more resources and their own computer programmers 
available it is sounding like one of the "C" family of languages might be 
the one they would  like.

How is Python with graphics?

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