Custom PyQt4 Slots

ff flarefight at
Mon Aug 11 22:41:55 CEST 2008

Is it possible to create custom PyQt4 Slots, i have searched high and
low to no avail;

I have an application that can set animation speed to different
levels, i want the user to alter this, now quite clearly i can write a
single function to control setting any speed with something like:

def setSpeed(self, speed):
     some code in here to set speed

but if i have mutiple option for speed do i have to connect them all
to seperate callables for each individual speed which each in turn
call setSpeed with their respective speeds or can i create a slot that
can simply pass an integer to setSpeed in much the same way as the
built-in SIGNAL from something like a combo box can pass its current

i realise this could be impossibly, knowing that would be equally
useful and i will just work around it, albeit with more verbose code!!



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