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Colin J. Williams cjw at
Mon Dec 22 20:28:16 CET 2008

gardsted wrote:
> Harish wrote:
>> Hi Friends
>> Is there any utility in python which will help me to read any pdf
>> files?
>> Regards
>> Harish
> Not sure, what you're after exactly, but I tried googling 'python read pdf'
> and found this, so maybe 'reportlab' is what you're looking for:
> Re: Reading PDF files
>   #2
> Dec 20th, 2006
> To read and manage Portable Document Files you can use the open source 
> ReportLab toolkit (written in Python) from:
> kind regards jorgen

The ReportLab toolkit appears to be 
concerned with building Portable
Document Files.  I would be interested 
in any utility which will read
any pdf - for example, to convert pdf -> 

Colin W.

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