getting object instead of string from dir()

André andre.roberge at
Thu Dec 18 04:34:44 CET 2008

On Dec 17, 3:52 pm, Rominsky <john.romin... at> wrote:

> I do have some understanding of the pythonic methodology of
> programming, though by far I still don't consider myself an expert.
> The problem at hand is that I am coming from a matlab world and trying
> to drag my coworkers with me.  I have gotten a lot of them excited
> about using python for this work, but the biggest gripe everytime is
> they want their matlab ide.  I am trying to experiment with making
> similar pieces of the ide, in particular I am working on the workspace
> window which lists all the current variables in the namespace, along
> with their type, size, value, etc....  I am trying to create a python
> equivalent.  

You might want to have a look at


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