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Tue Dec 30 18:13:04 CET 2008

Hello Skip,

Thank you for your response.
Your posting reminds me that we, Python community as a whole, owe a
great deal to Python developers.

The problem is ...
The more you work on Python, the harder you can go back to C or C++

I use SWIG, instead. I think SWIG is a good way to mix two worlds.


On Dec 30, 4:10 am, s... at wrote:
>     aki> Although this is not what you are asking but I'm wondering why you
>     aki> need to read CPython implementation.
> A couple reasons come to mind:
>     * education
>     * want to make it better (extend it, fix bugs, etc)
>     * want to see how it relates to the implementation of other languages
>       (Ruby, Perl, Tcl, etc)
>     aki> CPython worked great for me. I don't want to read a large piece of
>     aki> software, like CPython, unless it is really really necessary.
> Sure, but not everyone works at the Python layer.  Which is a good thing,
> because if everyone confined themselves to Python code nobody would fix
> problems in the language implementation or enhance it.
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