Python 3 read() function

Cro prahaai at
Thu Dec 4 17:13:41 CET 2008

Good day.
I have installed Python 3 and i have a problem with the builtin read()

huge = open ( 'C:/HUGE_FILE.pcl', 'rb', 0 )
import io
vContent = io.StringIO()
vContent = # This line takes hours to process !!!
vSplitContent = vContent.split
( 'BIN;SP1;PW0.3,1;PA100,700;PD625,700;PU;' ) # This one i have neve

The same thing, in Python 2.5 :

huge = open ( 'C:/HUGE_FILE.pcl', 'rb', 0 )
import StringIO
vContent = StringIO.StringIO()
vContent = # This line takes 2 seconds !!!
vSplitContent = vContent.split
( 'BIN;SP1;PW0.3,1;PA100,700;PD625,700;PU;' ) # This takes a few

My "HUGE_FILE" has about 900 MB ...
I know this is not the best method to open the file and split the
content by that code...
Can anyone please suggest a good method to split the file with that
code very fast, in Python 3 ?
The memory is not important for me, i have 4GB of RAM and i rarely use
more than 300 MB of it.

Thank you very very much.

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