Python is slow

James Mills prologic at
Thu Dec 11 04:17:20 CET 2008

@em_gui: You are outrightly wrong.

Why ? Python's VM is not slow! In fact it's quite fast.
What does tend to be slow is sloppy poorly designed
code. Django/Turbogears (sorry for any devs reading this)
are large frameworks with a lot of complexity - and yes
they tend to be a little cumbersome and slow.

CherryPy (1) on the other hand is quite fast, but it is not
your kitchen-sink type framework as Django and Turbogears
tends to be.

Before you start making such ridiculous stupid claims
about the performance of Python's VM and Python itself
actually do some work, do some tests, show us some of
your work ?

And RYI, I'm the author of a (fairly) general purpose
event driven library (framework) with a focus on Component
architectures. This is called circuits (2). As well as being
an event-driven library which performs really really well,
it also has "Web Components" (circuits.lib.web) that make
CherryPy look too hard to use and ~4x slower. Yes circuits
on decent hardware performs (raw speeds) of ~3000 req/s.
I have used circuits to build commercial web applications
for clients in conjunction with ExtJS (3) and loading time
for the entire app is usually ~1-2s. Data response times
are usually in the order of 50-100ms.

SLow ? I don't think so.



On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 9:39 AM, cm_gui <cmgui2 at> wrote:
> You guys are living in denial.
> Python is SLOW, especially for web apps.
> Instead of getting mad, why don't get together and come up with a
> faster VM/interpreter?
> The emperor doesn't like to be told he is not wearing any clothes?
> On 10 Dec, 14:48, Luis M. González <luis... at> wrote:
>> You are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!
>> And when I say Wrong, I mean WRONG!!!
>> And I am not saying that you are confussed.
>> I say that you are WRONG!
>> And when someone says so many times that you are wrong, it is because
>> you are WRONG!
>> And don't say that you are not wrong, because you are wrong!
>> You are Wrong. Very Wrong.
>> On Dec 10, 3:42 pm, cm_gui <cmg... at> wrote:
>> >
>> > I fully agree with Krzysztof Kowalczyk .
>> > Can't they build a faster VM for Python since they love the language
>> > so much?
>> > Python is SLOW.    And I am not comparing it with compiled languages
>> > like C.
>> > Python is even slower than PHP!
>> > Just go to any Python website and you will know.
>> > An example is:
>> > And this site is created by the creators of Django!
>> > And it is not just this Python site that is slow. There are many many
>> > Python sites which are very slow. And please don't say that it could
>> > be the web hosting or the server which is slow — because when so many
>> > Python sites are slower than PHP sites, it couldn't be the web
>> > hosting.   Also, Zope/Plone is even slower.
>> > Python is slow. Very slow.
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