math module for Decimals

jerry.carl.mi at jerry.carl.mi at
Sun Dec 28 15:05:27 CET 2008

Hi Steven... thanks for your kind and extensive reply. Lots of good
food for thought. I know it's easy to complain about lack of
functionality, but it really was not my intention. Python is very cool
as it is and I still know too little about it to even suggest
anything. I just thought maybe I was missing something.

Sure it would make my life much easier if i had a full set of Decimal
(c)math functions and I suppose there are quite a few folks who would
like it as well. *** It's not that it's 100% necessary, it just makes
things easier. *** Just the fact that at least 3 people already tried
to write a decimal math module speaks for how desired and how
difficult it is.

It's really just the goniometric functions that I am missing most at
the moment, so maybe I can figure it out with help of what you said
plus the already existing imperfect modules. Meantime maybe this
discussion will caught Guido's eye... ;-) And btw I do expect that
Python becomes better than Mathematica one day because it's free and
open :-) Maybe when Wolfram retires ;-) Thanks again!

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