Bidirectional Networking

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Fri Dec 12 22:04:14 CET 2008

En Fri, 12 Dec 2008 15:22:34 -0200, Emanuele D'Arrigo <manu3d at>  

> Thank you both for the suggestions! Eventually I tried with threading
> as illustrated in the code below.
> And it works pretty well! The only problem I'm having with it is that
> as the server is a daemon the program should end when the client
> thread cease to be alive. But it doesn't seem to work that way and I'm
> not sure what's going on! I did achieve my objective though. Two
> separate instances of the code below will happily send random numbers
> to each other for a few seconds!

If you're using 2.5 or older, override serve_forever:

     def serve_forever(self):
         while not getattr(self, 'quit', False):

and set the server 'quit' attribute to True in response to some command  
 from the client.
Python 2.6 has a shutdown() method for the same purpose.

Gabriel Genellina

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