How do I manually uninstall setuptools (installed by egg)?

Stephen Thorne stephen at
Fri Dec 12 17:38:21 EST 2008

On 2008-12-12, Nick Craig-Wood wrote:
> Failing that I'll use bdist_rpm then alien to convert to a deb which
> works well enough I find.

Ages ago there was a bdist_deb that was in the python bug tracker, long
since that bug tracker has been transitioned to another one, and that
attachment was lost.

Another pythoneer still had it a few years later, and I got it from him.

In an effort to help people create real packages from python software,
rpms and debs, I put together a small program to download source from
pypi and convert it into an OS installable package. This is known to
work on some redhat systems (modulo a problem with the redhat macro
for doing python byte compilation automatically on all packages), and
debian based systems.

You can find the work I did on:

And more importantly, you can find here:

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