Problems running on hp duo Pentium R processor

Kevin Kelley wyldwolf at
Fri Dec 5 21:27:59 CET 2008

If they are running standard Win XP (Home or Pro), as opposed to 64-bit Win
XP, then whether or not the CPU supports the IA64 instruction set really
doesn't matter. As far as I know every Intel Core2 and Pentium Dual-Core CPU
since ~ 2006 has supported 64bit instructions, even the Atom is 64bit. Also,
the "R" is for Registered Trademark (of Pentium), it's not part of the
name/model (


On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 2:02 PM, jim-on-linux <inq1ltd at> wrote:

> Python help,
> In September I wrote:
> I have a number of clients running a program built
> with python 2.5.  One has just purchased an HP with
> a duo core Pentium R processor E2200,  2.2G with .99g
> ram.
> Only on the new HP, when they try to print they get an
> import error;
> File win32ui.pyc line 12, in <module>
> File win32ui.pyc, line 10, in _load
> ImportError: DLL load failed:  The specified module
> could not be found.
> It turns out that the E2200 processor is 64 bit
> architecture.
> What are my options?
> I've run DependecyWalker,
> They are using Win XP Service Pack 2
> jim=on-linux
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