Need help getting MoinMoin to run under SCGI

Ron Garret rNOSPAMon at
Mon Dec 29 01:52:58 CET 2008

So I have a MoinMoin installation running as a cgi and also under wsgi.  
Since I was on a roll I decided to press my luck and try running it 
under scgi.  Following a suggestion in the following article:

I wrote this little server adapter:

from MoinMoin.server.server_cgi import CgiConfig, run

class Config(CgiConfig):
    name = 'moin'

import scgi
import scgi.scgi_server

class MoinHandler(scgi.scgi_server.SCGIHandler):
    def produce_cgilike(self, env, bodysize):

server = scgi.scgi_server.SCGIServer(


It works -- sort of.  I can fire it up and get to the login page, but it 
won't actually let me log in.  I'm guessing this is because I haven't 
munged the CGI form data properly.  I thought I'd ask if anyone with 
experience using SCGI can just tell me what I'm doing wrong before I 
dive into debugging this.


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