multiprocessing vs thread performance

janislaw wicijowski at
Mon Dec 29 15:59:18 CET 2008

On 29 Gru, 15:52, mk <mrk... at> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> After reading was under
> impression that performance of multiprocessing package is similar to
> that of thread / threading. However, to familiarize myself with both
> packages I wrote my own test of spawning and returning 100,000 empty
> threads or processes (while maintaining at most 100 processes / threads
> active at any one time), respectively.
> The results I got are very different from the benchmark quoted in PEP
> 371. On twin Xeon machine the threaded version executed in 5.54 secs,
> while multiprocessing version took over 222 secs to complete!
> Am I doing smth wrong in code below? Or do I have to use
> multiprocessing.Pool to get any decent results?

Oooh, 100000 processes! You're fortunate that your OS handled them in
finite time.

[quick browsing through the code]

Ah, so there are 100 processes at time. 200secs still don't sound


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