Pyhon (with wxPython) on Windows' cygwin: can it be done fully ?

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Wed Dec 3 02:17:48 CET 2008

On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 12:25 PM, Fernando H. Sanches <
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> At first I also disliked print's new syntax, but later I realised it
> could be useful.
> However, I agree that the parentheses are annoying. Not because of the
> parens theirselves, but because of the Shift key.
> Why programmers stilll can't have special keyboards with parens keys
> that doesn't need pressing "shift"? Isn't time C programmers have  a
> "&" key and perl programmers a $ one? And why the heck we need shift
> for "(" and not for "[" or "{", since the first one is much more used
> (even outside programming)?
> Really, we don't need to change our syntax, we need to change our
> keyboards. We are so blinded by tradition that we are losing
> productivity.
> --


I've actually always wanted to try doing something like that, but haven't
actually worked up the gumption to go anywhere past swapping caps and ctrl.
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