Mathematica 7 compares to other languages

Xah Lee xahlee at
Wed Dec 10 00:19:47 CET 2008

On Dec 8, 4:07 am, Jon Harrop <j... at> wrote:
> s... at wrote:
> > Well, its past 'tonight' and 6 hours to go till past 'tomorrow'.
> > Where the hell is it Zah Zah?
> Note that this program takes several days to compute in Mathematica (even
> though it takes under four seconds in other languages) so don't expect to
> see a genuinely optimized version any time soon... ;-)

Note that Jon's Mathematica code is of very poor quality, as i've
given detailed analysis here:

• A Mathematica Optimization Problem

I'm not sure he's intentionally making Mathematica look bad or just
sloppiness. I presume it is sloppiness, since the Mathematica code is
not shown in his public website on this speed comparison issue. (as
far as i know) I suppose, he initialled tried this draft version, saw
that it is too slow for comparsion, and probably among other reason he
didn't include it in the speed comparison. However, in this thread
about Mathematica 7, he wanted to insert his random gribe to pave
roads to post his website books and url on OCml/f#, so he took out
this piece of Mathematica to bad mouth it and bait. He ignored my
paypal challenge, but it so happens that someone else paid me $20 to
show a better code, and in the showdown, Jon went defensive that just
make him looking like a major idiot.


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