Obtaining SMTP address of a sender and receiver of an outlook mail

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Thu Dec 4 04:30:14 CET 2008

If you have access to the AD server that hosts those DNs you can use
python's ldap module to retrieve the smtp attribute for the DN you've just
parsed from the message.

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> Hi all,
>       I am trying to use python for extracting contents of an outlook
> email. For extracting the list of Recipients addresses I tried using
> the "MAPI.message.Recipients.Address" property, but the problem I am
> facing is that it is giving the complete DN name which is putting me
> in further complications. Is there any way to obtain the actual SMTP
> mail address (username at domain.com) from the above object? I searched
> for it in the MSDN help but couldn't succeed.
> Thanks in advance,
> Venu
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