Infinite hangup when using CGI

pacsciadmin at pacsciadmin at
Mon Dec 8 03:24:08 CET 2008

I maintain a CGI framework named PyTin, and while previously the
developer was only allowed to access GET and POST by cgi.FieldStorage.
I'm trying to add code to my request gatherer that looks like:

1. request.rawpost = StringIO() # Just normal StringIO
2. request.rawpost.write(
4. request.fields = cgi.FieldStorage(fp=request.rawpost)

Obviously, my actual code doesn't have the line numbers.

I'm testing it out on the CGIHTTPRequestHandler with BaseHTTPServer,
and whenever my test script reaches line 2, it hangs up. It doesn't
spit out a traceback, or stop in less than a minute, whenever I use Can anyone explain what is going on?

BDFL: Pacific Science

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