HELP!...Google SketchUp needs a Python API

r rt8396 at
Wed Dec 3 04:06:04 CET 2008

"If we can laugh what else would we do"

I'd like to touch also on some comments by ajaksu:
I'd like to try hacking some form of Python to work in SketchUp (on
top of Ruby, that is). Now, why won't I try to? I'm a Linux user and
we don't get a SU version. So much for FREEDOM. BTW, some things in
have encrypted Ruby code behind them :)

You CAN use SketchUp on Linux...ajaksu...thru Wine, but I know this is
not good enough. I would love to see FULL SketchUp support for linux
and I HAVE made my voice heard. I urge you brother to make make your
voice heard also.

Go to this thread and let your voice be heard:

This is the reason...amoung many others...that Linux has yet to take
any noticable market from MS. Linux could...If the Linux devolpers
would ban together and unite to make package managment and portability
between all *nix's universal, OR one great linux distro that the
average dummy can use(ubuntu looks promising, but still has a long way
to go)...compete with microsoft on a grand level. We have to steal the
idiots from under microsoft's feet, and they will come crumbling down.
But as long as a poor n00b installs his shiny new *nix system and
can't even connect to the network to see the latest janet jackson
"wardrobe malfunction", or fiqure out how to mount a flash drive,
Linux will be nothing more than our beloved oddessy.

There will NEVER be good support on linux for most applications,
games, etc... Until people start to get behind linux and support it.
Now you say, well i don't have time to support this, my life is too
busy, my back hurts. I say stop making excuses. You DON'T have to
invest your life, just simply make your voice heard.(myself and other
dedicated people will tow the load). But at least get off your bum and
do something.

It's time to change the world, the hour is upon us, Microsoft is
asleep at the wheel, the time for revolution is NOW!

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