Python is slow

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at
Wed Dec 10 21:04:12 CET 2008

cm_gui wrote:
> I fully agree with Krzysztof Kowalczyk .
> Can't they build a faster VM for Python since they love the language
> so much?
> Python is SLOW.    And I am not comparing it with compiled languages
> like C.
> Python is even slower than PHP!
> Just go to any Python website and you will know.
> An example is:
> And this site is created by the creators of Django!
> And it is not just this Python site that is slow. There are many many
> Python sites which are very slow. And please don’t say that it could
> be the web hosting or the server which is slow — because when so many
> Python sites are slower than PHP sites, it couldn’t be the web
> hosting.   Also, Zope/Plone is even slower.
> Python is slow. Very slow.
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Put this guy in the junk filter,
in may of this year he (or it) started the same discussion.

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