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Tue Dec 16 04:16:06 CET 2008

On Fri, 12 Dec 2008, bearophileHUGS at wrote:

> In the next years people that use low-level languages like C may need
> to invent a new language fitter for multi-core CPUs, able to be used
> on GPUs too (see the OpenCL), less error-prone than C, able to use the
> CPU vector instructions efficiently. (The D language is probably unfit
> for this purpose, because even if it's meant to be a system language,
> I don't think it can be used much to replace C everywhere it's used
> now.) A C+ maybe? :-)
> Bye,
> bearophile

I would say, this probably will be some descendant of Erlang and/or 
Haskell. As evolutionary step, they look very promising to me, they just 
are "not quite there" yet. As of C++, I cannot tell before I read their 
new standard.

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