Python is slow

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Fri Dec 12 20:41:57 CET 2008

sturlamolden a écrit :

> Creating a fast implementation of a dynamic language is almost rocket
> science. But it has been done. There is Stronghold, the fastest
> version of Smalltalk known to man, on which the Sun Java VM is based.
> On a recent benchmark Java 6 -server beats C compiled by GCC 4.2.3

cf bearophile's comment on this point (CPU architecture and RAM)

> And
> most of that magic comes from an implementation of a dynamically typed
> language (Smalltalk).

Err... Where is _Java_ "dynamic" actually ? A benchmark of _Smalltalk_ 
VM vs CPython VM would make more sense.

> Second, there are other fast implementations of dynamic languages. The
> CMUCL and SBCL versions of Common Lisp comes to min; you can see how
> SBCL does in the same benchmark (CMUCL tends to be even faster).

Could it be that there are some type hints in the lisp versions of the 
source code ?

> So Python is a lot slower than it needs to be. 

Please fix it, you're welcome.

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