HELP!...Google SketchUp needs a Python API

r rt8396 at
Sat Dec 6 17:52:53 CET 2008

Sketchup's target users is not power users but those who need quick
sketches, so scripting isn't an extremely important feature in

Your Wrong, SketchUp PRO is marketed at ACAD users and other high
profile CAD and CAM applications. SketchUp models can be exported to
ACAD and ACAD models can be imported to SketckUp. Anyone who would say
scripting is not important to a modeler has never spent much time
modeling. Scripting is of upmost importance to the usefulness of
SketchUP(or any CAD/CAM app), without it more advanced modeler types
would not be interested. As far as Google earth goes...that is more a
marketing ploy, and that Google is a cool company, rather than the
primary use for SketchUP...and it has worked well!

Your Right, creating a Python extension and getting people interested,
is the gateway to convincing SketchUp DEV to include Python alongside
Ruby.(and even if they don't it won't matter once the wrapping is
there). I hang out a lot in the SketchUp Ruby Group, and a lots of
people are turned off by Ruby. I think Python could help them get
going. This is the reason for my crusade. Not just for me...but
because there is a real void python can fill in SketchUp. Once there
is a python wrapping of Ruby API I will take over, writing tutorials,
writing example code, fielding Python related questions...This is my
commitment to this project. I AM willing to work extremely hard to
make this happen. If just ONE other person would get on board this
will happen.

No...I DO NOT know how to wrap the Ruby API myself...but once the
Python wrapping is there i will take over and bring this to life. From
that point on, i will not need any help. I will maintain the code, And
i will be happy to let this person(s) take ALL the credit for bringing
Python to SketchUp...I do not want the credit.

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