Python extension: callbacks blocked when holding button down

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Fri Dec 12 14:04:43 EST 2008

    alan> I'm developing a Python extension. It's a wrapper for some
    alan> firmware, and simulates the target hardware environment. I'm using
    alan> wxPython. I pass a function to the extension so it can let Python
    alan> know about certain events.  The code is currently single threaded.

    alan> My problem is that the callback seems to have no effect if it is
    alan> called while I am holding down a wxButton in the Python GUI. Long
    alan> button presses are significant in the firmware so this seems a bit
    alan> limiting.

    alan> Can anyone explain what is going on? What's the best workaround?

You don't say what platform you're running on, but in many environments,
holding down a menu button "grabs" the window server for the duration of the
button press.  This is certainly the case on Unix running the X Window
System.  In many cases multithreading is the best way around this problem.

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