Python 3 and my Mac (Leopard)

Kevin Walzer kw at
Sun Dec 28 04:13:59 CET 2008

Dan wrote:
> Wanted to learn python, got Mark Summerfield's new book "Programming in 
> Python 3".  Having a hard time getting python 3 and IDLE working on my 
> Mac with Leopard.  The mac "resources" on the site seem a bit 
> out of date, and don't really mention python 3.  Are there any resources 
> out there?  Is the python community just not interested in Macs?  I've 
> tried googling and the usual search strategies.  Any help would be 
> appreciated.

There's a mailing list devoted to Python on the Mac:

It is a pretty good resource, better than the Python wiki, more up to date.

Kevin Walzer
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