Mathematica 7 compares to other languages

Xah Lee xahlee at
Mon Dec 8 23:32:59 CET 2008


Xah Lee wrote:
> > Also, in this discussion, thanks to Thomas M Hermann's $20 offered to
> > me for my challenge to you, that i have taken the time to show working
> > code that demonstrate many problems in your code.

A moron, wrote:
> You failed the challenge that you were given.

you didn't give me a challenge. I gave you. I asked for $5 sincerity
wage of mutal payment or money back guarantee, so that we can show
real code instead of verbal fight. You didn't take it and do nothing
but continue petty quarrel on words. Thomas was nice to pay me, which
results in my code that is demonstratably faster than yours. (verified
by a post from “jason-sage @@@”, quote: “So Xah's
code is about twice as fast as Jon's code, on my computer.”, message
can be seen at “
” ) You refuse to acknowledge it, and continue babbling, emphasizing
that my code should be some hundred times faster make valid argument.

As i said, now pay me $300, i will then make your Mathematica code in
the same level of speed as your OCmal. If it does not, money back
guaranteed. Here's more precise terms i ask:

Show me your OCmal code that will compile on my machine (PPC Mac, OSX
10.4.x). I'll make your Mathematica code in the same speed level as
your OCmal code. (you claimed Mathematica is roughly 700 thousand
times slower to your OCmal code. I claim, i can make it, no more than
10 times slower than the given OCmal code.)

So, pay me $300 as consulting fee. If the result does not comply to
the above spec, money back guaranteed.

> You should accept the fact that Mathematica currently has these
> insurmountable limitations.

insurmountable ur mom.


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