python-devel download and install

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Tue Dec 9 02:04:18 CET 2008

> I am developing in Python version 2.5.2 and need to install and download
> the python-devel library.  (This is needed so I can build and install
> mysql-python.)  Where can I find find this module to download and
> build/installation instructions?  I have been unable to find the source
> online to download.
> I am not root on the box where I need to install this module so I need
> the source (rpm/deb packages will not do).

The sources of Python 2.5.2 are available from

The term "python-devel" specifically refers to a rpm/deb package,
though. You might need to layout the sources so that they meet your
needs (e.g. by installing them locally).


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