Calling C# COM (.NET) from python

Ben Kaplan bsk16 at
Mon Dec 8 18:14:56 CET 2008

On Dec 8, 2008, at 11:53 AM, Andrew Falanga <af300wsm at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've never programmed in python and only have a small understanding of
> what is wrapped up in the terms COM and .NET.  Is there a way of using
> python to get a hold of objects written in C# as COM objects using
> python?  I'm looking for ways to avoid VBScript (which, after a couple
> of weeks, I've determined to be horrid).  That is, is there a way of
> getting at COM objects in python that's similar to doing a
> CreateObject call in VBScript ( 
> library/
> dcw63t7z.aspx)?
> Thanks,
> Andy
> --

I would not deal with COM at all. I personally have not used it, but  
there is a version of python called IronPython that's written in C#,  
so it can use .NET and, I think, other C# objects. Other people will  
probably help you more, but you might want to look into that and maybe  
ask this on the python-win list.

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