How do I manually uninstall setuptools (installed by egg)?

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Wed Dec 10 04:48:10 CET 2008

On Dec 9, 10:29 pm, "Chris Rebert" <c... at> wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 7:16 PM,  <excor... at> wrote:
> > On Dec 9, 10:04 pm, "Chris Rebert" <c... at> wrote:
> >> So, why do you think apt and not setuptools is The Right Way(tm)?
> > I like to keep > 1 Python on my computer.
> Ah, now I get it. I had no idea setuptools could install Python
> *itself* until I checked just now. That's kinda neat, but mostly
> silly, because, as you point out, management of Python itself is much
> better left to the platform's package manager.

Not sure what you mean, Chris.

I install my own Python using the usual procedure (``./configure --
prefix=/home/me/opt/py-<i>.<j>.<k>; make; make install``).

Never heard of using setuptools (``easy_install``?) to install Python
itself. Sounds kooky. :)

Anyway, the direction I'm heading is to try and use setuptools *less*.
It seems like it might be too complicated for me. And, I notice that
the mailing list for it (distutils-sig, if that's the right one) is
loaded with questions on how to use it properly, so maybe I'm not

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