best way to code

eric eric at
Fri Dec 19 11:21:42 EST 2008


I need to find a "good" design pattern to instanciate, and add
specific code all in one. Let me explain it :

I need to define "some" code, better be in a class, something like

class LinkA(object):
    def mystuff(self):
         <do something different>

class LinkB(object):
    def mystuff(self):
         <do something different again>

AND I need an instance of this class
{ "stuff A": LinkA()
  "stuff B": LinkB()

This kind of code "would" be fine, I mean, the result effect in memory
is fine for me.
But I don't like the way I have to
1/ give a useless name to LinkA, linkB (there can be hundreds of names
like that)
2/ I have to write it down two times (and that's one time too much)

any ideas ?

something like
new object():
    def mystuff(self):
       <do something>
new object():
    def mystuff(self):
       <do something else>

would be really perfect (but I know it does not work, or at least, I
don't know how to make it work)

In fact, I would like to define a class, and an instance in a single



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