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Tue Dec 23 02:31:16 CET 2008

walterbyrd wrote:
[...]>> Fooled by version numbers ?
> No, but I am giving django the benefit of the doubt. The django
> project told people all along that django was not to be considered
> production ready before 1.0. I will accept that some people decided to
> wait until 1.0 came out to do any production development. Maybe django
> is only lagging because 1.0 just came out?
The Django people said no such thing. They maintained the trunk as
stable - they test so well that many people did indeed rely on the trunk
for production systems.

They did, sensibly in my opinion, refuse to promise that the 1.0 release
would be backward-compatible with the development versions. Indeed they
frequently changed the trunk in incompatible ways while they were
working to find the best APIs, and this only affected those brave or
stupid enough to update their Django installation automatically as
checkins were made. Anyone would expect trouble doing that, and yet the
affected sites were usually easily fixed, thanks to the project's
conscientious maintenance of a list of incompatible changes.

>> My actual CTO is a big Ruby/Rails fan, yet he settled on Python/Django
>> for our current 'big' project. Wonder why ?
> Not knowing much about RoR: yes, I wonder why? Is it because python
> has a cleaner syntax? Or what?

It's because he decided that Django was the best tool for the particular
job, making him unusually open-minded for a member of the pointy-haired
species. Unlike some on this list he doesn't let his prejudices blind
him to reality.

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