How to pass out the result from iterated function

Gary Herron gherron at
Wed Dec 10 21:26:40 CET 2008

JD wrote:
> I got a iterated function like this:
> def iterSomething(list):
>     has_something = False
>     for cell in list:
>         if something in cell:
>             has_something = True
>             output = something
>    if has_something:
>        iterSomething(output)
>    else:
>        final_out = outupt
> The problem is how can I read this final_out outside of the function.
> I tried the global statement, it seems not work. Any idea?

Without examining the intent of your code, I'll suggest this:

   if has_something:
       return iterSomething(output)
       return output

So either way, *something* is returned, and in the case of the recursive call, the innermost result is returned back up through all levels of the recursion.

Is that what you wanted?

Gary Herron

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