Converting a .xls file to .html

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Do you have styles attached to the text of the document in the xls? (bold, italic, etc)
if not, then you can just do the mapping by creating table and cells by yourself... (or xslt)

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Hello All,
I've a .xml file (saved as .xls) that can be opened in Microsoft excel. I want to write python code that converts this excel file into .html (so that it can be viewed as is in an explorer).
Can any one help?

A quick google search shows , and a few other libraries for reading xls files. I don't use excel, so I can't test it. There may not be a library for going straight from xls -> html, but if you can get xls -> text  or a list or whatnot, then you could use pretty much any html generation tool you want on it, python's got plenty of templating libraries available.

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