Memory leak when using a C++ module for Python

Ulrich Eckhardt eckhardt at
Thu Dec 11 09:24:28 CET 2008

Jaume Bonet wrote:
> When I test the code from C++ each time I delete a vector the consumed
> memory decreases, but it does not happen when the module is called
> from python.

What is a "vector" for you? Do you mean std::vector? A vector allocated
using malloc()? A vector allocated using new? Just provide a simple piece
of C++ and Python example code that demonstrates the problem and you will
probably get help immediatel.

> I've read that the even when you delete the content of the vectors the
> memory is not freed when you are working with python. Is that so?

There are things like that, but without context it's pretty hard to tell
what's going on.


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