ANN: New Book: Programming in Python 3

Steve Holden steve at
Sat Dec 20 02:56:57 CET 2008

Colin J. Williams wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote:
>> Thomas Heller wrote:
>>> Question from a non-native english speaker: is this now valid english?
>>>   "One of Python’s great strengths"
>>>                 ^
>>>   "and also teaches Python’s functional programming features"
>>>                           ^
>>>   "The book’s approach is wholly practical"
>>>            ^
>> It always has been valid English. The apostrophe is only omitted from
>> personal pronouns (hers, its, and so on).
>> regards
>>  Steve
> What is the subject of "teaches"?
> I have no problem with the second sentence.
I don't have a problem with any of the three, which are all correct
usage. Of course they aren't sentences but fragments thereof, so we
don't know the subject of the verb in the second example (though we
might guess it's the advertised book).  Why would it matter?

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