(Very Newbie) Problems defining a variable

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Fri Dec 12 12:42:55 CET 2008

#Py3k, UTF-8

bank = int(input("How much money is in your account?\n>>"))
target = int(input("How much money would you like to earn each year?

interest = 0
i = 0

while interest < target:
#determine the interest rate to use
	if bank >= 9999:
		rate = 0.006
	elif bank >= 10000 and bank <= 24999:
		rate = 0.0085
	elif bank >= 25000 and bank <= 49999:
		rate = 0.0124
	elif bank >= 50000 and bank <= 99999:
		rate = 0.0149
	elif bank >= 100000:
		rate = 0.0173
	#Now that we know what interest rate to use, apply it...
	lastbank = bank            #To calculate interest...
	bank += (bank * rate)      #Update earnings...
	interest = bank - lastbank #And figure out how much interest is made!
	i += 1	#So we can see which year a calculation represents
	print("Year %s, at %s rate: %s paid, %s in bank." % (i, rate,
interest, bank))

I wrote this expanding off an 'interest' exercise in a tutorial, which
was fairly simple (assume %1, calculate for ten years). It's intended
to take how much the user has in the bank and determine how long it
will be until it generates a certain amount in interest each year. The
problem is that rates are not solid, and increase at certain points. I
put the rates from the basic account option at my bank in as an

I'm pretty certain that that is also the problem in the code. I'm
pretty sure it's a problem with the 'if' statements', and it looks
like it's one of those mistakes that's so simple you look back on it
and laugh at yourself. If you put in a bank number <= 9999, it fails,
saying  "NameError: name 'rate' is not defined". If you put in one
higher, it runs correctly, but thinks that the rate is 0.006

I tried def'ing a function for it, which didn't work any better. I'm
having a hard time figuring out exactly why it is those if statements
are wrong.

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