Python's popularity

r rt8396 at
Tue Dec 23 17:38:05 CET 2008

Benjamin Kaplin wrote:
You're the one who keeps bringing up the need to spread python. For
most people, this is a forum to ask questions and have experts respond
to them. Most people who post here aren't looking for your opinion,
they want answers. If you know the answer to a question, answer it. If
not, read the answers of people who have seen it before. When you post
your opinions, you're just creating more noise.

School time son,
This forum is much more than a question answer session, son. Sure
people are welcome to ask a Python related question. But this forum is
really the main highway of Python development and future. If your a
n00b go to the "Python", you will feel more comfy over

If you have no opinion(Benjamin) thats your perogitive, don't tell me
how to live my life, or what "I" should do when i visit this forum. Do
I go to any of "your" threads and start a ruckus? NO, because if i do
not like what you are saying I will just ignore it. Take an example

Sure i may have went off in thread, by i have kept my thought true to
the thread subject. A troll go's from thread to thread posting off
subject insults and attacks on other posters... hmmm, i have seen some
of those kind in this thread?? Know of who i speak, Bennie?

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