lkcl luke.leighton at
Tue Dec 2 14:57:00 CET 2008

> Another project similar-ish to Pyjamas is
> HotRuby:

 also there's RubyJS:

 it's again a javascript compiler - ruby to javascript - and the
beginnings of a port of GWT to Ruby, called rwt.

 this project _definitely_ needs more attention.

 michael's talk (included in the docs/) shows that he has spent
considerable effort in ensuring that not only is the compiler faithful
to the features of ruby, but also that the features are translated

 which takes a hell of a lot of doing.

 the nice thing about michael's work is that he's leading the way in
showing the pyjamas compiler how it _really_ should be done.

 pyjamas is capable of running a very significant amount of python,
but it _is_ missing some crucial features: **kwargs for example, and
the 0.4 release has just added a _very_ basic type of exception

 that having been said: for the majority of purposes - most web
development - pyjamas is _more_ than adequate.

 as a general-purpose plugin replacement for /usr/bin/python, however,
it's not quite there.  and, given that javascript cheerfully goes
about its way with the "undefined" concept, it's always going to be a
_bit_ tricky to provide absolutely _every_ language feature,

 that having been said, the speedup factor of pyv8 should make the
pyjamas compiler a _really_ attractive option, and i think that when
 it becomes the "norm" to have a javascript interpreter as part of a
 sysadmin's / developer's dailiy life in the same way that /usr/bin/
 and /usr/bin/python are, then compilers like RubyJS, Pyjamas and GWT
 will have a much bigger significance.


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