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James Stroud wrote:
> Aahz wrote:
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>> James Stroud  <jstroud at mbi.ucla.edu> wrote:
>>> In case its not obvious:
>> Ah, so that's where Bruno's extra apostrophe came from!  ;-)
>> (Sorry about the spelling flame, but seeing three posts in quick
>> succession with incorrect spelling of its/it's pushed me into making a
>> public comment.)
> Yes. I think it was the British who decided that the apostrophe rule for
> "it" would be reversed from normal usage relative to just about every
> other noun. I'm not sure the purpose--maybe it was to give compulsive
> proofreaders a raison d'etre.

In fact it applies to personal pronouns generally, though in English
most personal pronouns have an irregular genitive.

  I    me    my     mine
  you  you   your   yours
  he   him   his    his
  she  her   her    hers
  it   it    its    its
  we   us    our    ours
  you  you   your   yours
  they them  their  theirs

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