upgrading my SIMPL Programming with Python nofee online course need some volunteer testers

bobicanprogram icanbob at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 21:32:02 CET 2008

SIMPL is an open source project which has been around for almost 10
years.   It maintains a very compact interprocesss communication
library which gives Linux developers the Send/Receive/Reply messaging
paradigm first popularized by QNX almost 30 years ago.

SIMPL has had a Python shared library for almost 5 years now.  I
believe that the SIMPL-Python hooks are one of the underused gems in
the SIMPL project.

I also maintain a couple of nofee online courses including one whose
subject is this Python interface into the SIMPL world (although I'm
not the author of the lesson material).


There is active work in the SIMPL project to bring two upgrades in the
Python area.

a) the ability to run Python code on Windows and seamlessly interface
with a SIMPL application running under Linux

b) the ability to interface to a SIMPL-Python application from a
simple browser interface

The plan is to enhance this course material with this new
functionality just as soon as it arrives.     Meanwhile I've been
working to upgrade the course installation experience with a self
installing archive.


I'm exactly the wrong person to debug this stuff as I'm not a Python
programmer and I'm too close in to spot the obvious flaws.

I'm looking for Python/Linux volunteers to give this stuff a spin and
supply constructive criticism to help improve the student installation

Thanks in advance.

SIMPL project coordinator
If anyone is interested in reading more about SIMPL and SIMPL-Python
I'm the co-author of a recent book on the subject.     Google Books
has a free preview of many of the chapters.  (see

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