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Mon Dec 22 23:47:52 CET 2008

On Dec 22, 4:14 pm, je.s.t... at wrote:
> r <rt8... at> wrote:
> > Would you trust my words more if i used a name like "Thurstan Howell
> > III".... Come on, don't tell me you are that shallow. To attack my
> > credibility solely based on my user name is the sport of small minded
> > people. Surely you can bring more thought, and intelligence to this
> > thread than that?...
> I'm just saying that there's absolutely no more credibility attached
> to some random & anonymous account than there is to someone due to
> not having X-No-Archive.  You are no more accountable for your words than
> I am.  So you might be throwing stones at my use of X-No-Archive, but
> you are living in a glass house.
> And for the record, the obfuscation of my email address and the use of
> X-No-Archive has a lot more to do with random people being able to
> track me via the internet than it does with believing/not believing what
> I'm saying.  If one wanted to put in some small bit of effort, it isn't
> particularly difficult to track down usenet posts authored by me from
> 15ish years ago, but I raise the bar so that any random joker probably won't
> bother (and making the reverse mapping - knowing my real identity and then
> looking for recent net activity - is much more difficult to do).

An exercise in thought...
To go a bit further, what if we could post a picture of ourselves on
the Usenet?? What would stop me from posting a picture of someone else
besides myself? NOTHING!

Do not put your trust in such weak beliefs. My name and picture mean
squat on a this medium. If you want to validate my intelligence, use
my words, not shallow assumptions. Your logic is like that fruitcake
my auntie makes every Christmas. Please put more thought into you

My words are here and they will stay here, sure some may disagree with
my thoughts, but i will not be ashamed of them! Thats called having
"brass Cohones" mi hijo.

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